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All of Beba’s Pfresh Salsas are homemade with pfresh ingredients and stored using a canning process. We do not use any additives, preservatives, sugar, or flour. The process is time consuming due to the attention to detail used for each and every jar.

Beba herself is as authentic as it gets. She incorporates all of her salsas into her own family’s meals.  Each batch is taste-tested by Beba, her aunts and sisters (who help in the kitchen) to ensure the highest quality of homemade salsas every time.

Each jar is hand washed and sanitized before the process begins. After the batches of all natural, fresh salsa have been made, they are poured into the jars and tested for proper acidity levels to ensure the highest quality and safe canning techniques. They are then boiled to and cooled and properly labeled to distribute to local farmers markets and stores.

Beba spends countless hours each week to offer the best, safest, and freshest salsas.